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Weigh In 3

I could make excuses for this week, like the fact it’s been highly emotional and volatile and that I just turned to food for comfort but the truth is that yeah I had a rubbish week, yeah it wasn’t the best in any sense of the word apart from the fact it was. I went away for a few days and had a really nice time, I didn’t stick to plan and that showed when I gained 3.5lb at weigh in. Now had I stuck on plan and not eaten foods such as pizza, sweets, chocolate and burger and chips then I would be understandably upset but that isn’t the case. I took a week off, I ate bad food, I gained weight and I’m ok with it because I enjoyed my time off. That’s the great thing about Slimming World, it fits in with you. You can have days off or weeks off and then get straight back on it just like I have.


Weigh In: Week Two

I wasn’t particularly hopeful for this week, it’s been tough. I’ve not felt completely happy with what I have eaten and I probably haven’t been 100% on plan either. However I must have kept myself in check and kept a control of what I have eaten somehow as I managed to lose 3.5lb! Taking my loss for the last 2 weeks to 10.5lb. I am hoping if I stick to plan I will get my stone award next week Smile Fingers crossed.

Week 1: The Results

After 1 week back on Slimming World I went for my first weigh in and was delighted with the results. From 20st 0.5lb to 19st 7.5lb in the space of a week meaning a loss of 7lb, half a stone! is fantastic and I am soooo chuffed Smile here is to next week Smile x