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I did a review on Iceland’s Tendercooked Braised Steak in Rich Onion Gravy recently and I thought I would try another one of their range as I was so impressed so I picked their Pork Steak in a Honey and Mustard Sauce and I wasn’t disappointed. Like the braised steak this comes in a 350g pack for the price of £2.

In the pack you get one really generous sized pork steak. Mine was roughly the size of my hand and around 2cm thick. The pork steak was really lean and moist and truly does live up to its ‘tendercooked’ label as it was just melt in the mouth delicious.  The sauce was thick and creamy and really tasty, sometimes I find that honey and mustard sauces can be a little bit overpowering and sickly, not this one, it was truly delicious and really moreish. There was so much sauce that I left some in the tub, however thinking about what you have as an accompaniment you could come up with some great flavours. I had mini bacon and potato rosti’s with mine (recipe to follow) so the sauce made a perfect dipping sauce, but if you were to have mashed potato then I recommend pouring some of the sauce into the potatoes before you mash them to just give them that extra little bite. I reckon that would taste gorgeous!

The only downside for me about the Tendercooked Pork Steak in a Honey and Mustard sauce is that it’s quite high in syns. It’s 8 syns or Original and Extra Easy and a whopping 25 syns on Green! So whilst it’s not the best choice to have say everyday it’s definitely worth it for the occasional treat or special occasion. I will definitely buy this again, no doubt about it.  I give it a 9/10 and it would definitely be a 10/10 if it wasn’t for the high syns value.



Picture courtesy of Iceland.

Tendercooked Pork Steak in a Honey & Mustard sauce 350g pack, £2

Syns: Extra Easy/ Original: 8 Green: 25


Sometimes you want something for tea that is quick and easy, affordable and that tastes good without being high in syns. Most ready meals are high in syns which makes quick meals a bit difficult but never fear for Iceland are on hand.

Iceland currently have Tendercooked Braised Steak in Rich Onion Gravy in 350g packs for £2. The packs are the perfect portion for 1 person. Taking only 9 minutes in the microwave or 35 minutes in the oven they are so convenient.Even better is the fact they are syn free!!

When I first bought this I was a little bit sceptical that there would be hardly any meat in it or the meat would be small and bitty. I was wrong. You get a nice sized, thick, tender steak with plenty of gravy. The gravy is lovely and thick and rather rich.

I have no complaints what so ever about this product and highly recommend it. Its perfect for a quick tea with mash potato or some low syn yorkshire puddings.  I give it a 9/10.



Photo courtesy of Iceland.

Tendercooked Braised Steak in a Rich Onion Gravy 350g £2

Extra Easy: Free  Original : Free