Well so much so for getting back on track and making a go of it. I had it all planned out and then I had a reaction to some tablets which I thought were pretty much going to kill me.

It started off I was clammy and could hardly move, then I started to itch all over, me being me I’ve itched and now I have red scratches and cuts all over my body 😦 finally the last symptom was for me to vomit….

Despite the fact I’ve been so ill and not really able to prep or make anything plus I ddn’t really want to eat I still managed to stay on track, sort off.

My food has consisted of:

4 x slices of bread (2 HEB)

2 x Rice Krispi Squares 12 syns

Not the best day but all I could stomach. Here is hoping tomorrow I am well enough to get back on track and stick with it.