In true spectacular fashion Dani found a product she loved and then the manufacturer changed it and it just isn’t as good anymore. That’s right. The Thai Green Curry I recently reviewed on my blog here has now had its recipe ‘improved’ only in my opinion the improvements suck!

Most noticeable changes are there is less spinach than in the original, it’s now a paltry amount and in the meal I tried was very bitty rather than being rich and vivid green like fresh spinach should be. They’ve also taken out the red pepper’s which were a gorgeous addition and added a little sweetness and swapped them for chunks of butternut squash, admittedly a vegetable I have never tried before and after trying it in this meal I am not sure I want to again. Thirdly and finally they seem to have changed the sauce and amount of chicken meaning your curry is slightly drier, slightly spicier and in my opinion slightly less enjoyable. 

As well as these changes the nutritional values have changed which in turn means the syn values have changed Sad smile The syn values are as follows:

7½ Syns per package/portion on Extra Easy

7½ Syns per package/portion on Green

13 Syns per package/portion on Original


The original was 6 syns and in my opinion was well worth it as an occasional treat, this new improved recipe won’t even get a look in now, especially not for 7.5 syns. Sorry Sainsbury’s but you’ve robbed me of my favourite meal and I really ain’t happy.