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In true spectacular fashion Dani found a product she loved and then the manufacturer changed it and it just isn’t as good anymore. That’s right. The Thai Green Curry I recently reviewed on my blog here has now had its recipe ‘improved’ only in my opinion the improvements suck!

Most noticeable changes are there is less spinach than in the original, it’s now a paltry amount and in the meal I tried was very bitty rather than being rich and vivid green like fresh spinach should be. They’ve also taken out the red pepper’s which were a gorgeous addition and added a little sweetness and swapped them for chunks of butternut squash, admittedly a vegetable I have never tried before and after trying it in this meal I am not sure I want to again. Thirdly and finally they seem to have changed the sauce and amount of chicken meaning your curry is slightly drier, slightly spicier and in my opinion slightly less enjoyable. 

As well as these changes the nutritional values have changed which in turn means the syn values have changed Sad smile The syn values are as follows:

7½ Syns per package/portion on Extra Easy

7½ Syns per package/portion on Green

13 Syns per package/portion on Original


The original was 6 syns and in my opinion was well worth it as an occasional treat, this new improved recipe won’t even get a look in now, especially not for 7.5 syns. Sorry Sainsbury’s but you’ve robbed me of my favourite meal and I really ain’t happy.


Ready meals are bad! They are evil! When your on a diet you shouldn’t be eating them! That seems to be the general consensus between people when they know your on a diet but they are wrong as I have shown before by blog posts about meals from Iceland not all convenience food is evil or bad for you. I have a new favourite Sainsbury’s Thai Green Chicken Curry which comes in a 400g pack and costs between £3 and £3.85 depending on the store (it’s regularly on promotion) and takes just 5.5 minutes in the microwave.

It’s described as Coriander chicken in a green Thai sauce with jasmine rice, baby leaf spinach, red peppers and sliced baby sweetcorn. Perfect for those of us on Extra Easy as it gives just the right proportions of Super free foods and free foods.

Due to the fact its quick, easy and affordable this quickly became a favourite in our house. I love the fact that it’s all cooked at the same time. I love spinach and there’s plenty in these meals. The rice is delicately flavoured and the baby corn and red peppers compliment the meal really well. The Thai green sauce is really tasty and you get just enough sauce in this meal too. Not too dry not too saucy, absolutely yummy.

Syns wise are as follows:

6 Syns per package/portion on Extra Easy

6 Syns per package/portion on Green

9 Syns per package/portion on Original



Picture courtesy of Sainsbury’s.

Heinz Mini Meals


Whilst out shopping in Morrison’s on Friday I noticed a special offer on these little beauties. 4 tins for £2. Thinking they sounded quite nice I popped a couple in my trolley and away I went.

In the Mini Meals range there is:

  • BBQ Beans & Mini Sausages (not pictured)
  • Chicken & Sweetcorn Pasta Spirals
  • Tomato & Veggie Pasta Shells
  • Creamy Spaghetti Carbonara.

The tins are 200g in size. Have a handy ring pull lid and take just 2 minutes in the microwave so are fantastic for a quick lunch and are handy to take to work without having to worry about it spilling in your bag or if there is a tin opener at work!

I have tried the Chicken & Sweetcorn Pasta Spirals and have to say I was really surprised. Despite looking like a small tin I found there to be plenty of pasta inside, which was coated in a lovely creamy chicken soup with small pieces of chicken and some sweetcorn too. It was just enough for a lunch and I really enjoyed the meal, it was tasty and filling.

Syn’s wise for those of us on slimming world are as follows:

Mini Meals BBQ Beanz/Beans & Mini Sausages, canned, 200g can
2½ on Extra Easy, 9½ on Original and 2½ on Green.

Mini Meals Chicken & Sweetcorn Pasta Spirals, canned, 200g can
2 on Extra Easy, 8 on Original and 2 on Green

Mini Meals Tomato & Veggie Pasta Shells, canned, 200g can
Free on Extra Easy, 6½ on Original and Free on Green

Mini Meals Creamy Spaghetti Carbonara, canned, 200g can 
2 on Extra Easy, 6½ on Original and 2 on Green


I did a review on Iceland’s Tendercooked Braised Steak in Rich Onion Gravy recently and I thought I would try another one of their range as I was so impressed so I picked their Pork Steak in a Honey and Mustard Sauce and I wasn’t disappointed. Like the braised steak this comes in a 350g pack for the price of £2.

In the pack you get one really generous sized pork steak. Mine was roughly the size of my hand and around 2cm thick. The pork steak was really lean and moist and truly does live up to its ‘tendercooked’ label as it was just melt in the mouth delicious.  The sauce was thick and creamy and really tasty, sometimes I find that honey and mustard sauces can be a little bit overpowering and sickly, not this one, it was truly delicious and really moreish. There was so much sauce that I left some in the tub, however thinking about what you have as an accompaniment you could come up with some great flavours. I had mini bacon and potato rosti’s with mine (recipe to follow) so the sauce made a perfect dipping sauce, but if you were to have mashed potato then I recommend pouring some of the sauce into the potatoes before you mash them to just give them that extra little bite. I reckon that would taste gorgeous!

The only downside for me about the Tendercooked Pork Steak in a Honey and Mustard sauce is that it’s quite high in syns. It’s 8 syns or Original and Extra Easy and a whopping 25 syns on Green! So whilst it’s not the best choice to have say everyday it’s definitely worth it for the occasional treat or special occasion. I will definitely buy this again, no doubt about it.  I give it a 9/10 and it would definitely be a 10/10 if it wasn’t for the high syns value.



Picture courtesy of Iceland.

Tendercooked Pork Steak in a Honey & Mustard sauce 350g pack, £2

Syns: Extra Easy/ Original: 8 Green: 25

American Chip Spice


A couple of years ago, I did a short stint living in Hull. Whilst I was there I developed a bit of an addiction for fish and chips with American Chip Spice. Now I’m back in Leeds and whilst I don’t eat fish and chips anymore Chip Spice is still one of my top 3 seasonings.


American Chip Spice is an American style seasoning which consists of salt, garlic powder, paprika, onion and tomato. Whilst sold as a seasoning for chips it’s actually really versatile and can be used on many a different meal. Some of my favourite ways to use chip spice are in burgers, on steaks and on jacket potatoes with cottage cheese.  The flavouring is subtle and really tasty but if you overdo it it can be a little too much. My only negative for American Chip Spice is that if you don’t close the lid properly, or you allow moisture to get in the tub then it all solidifies and you have to work the lid off and bash it up with a knife, other than that it’s brilliant.


American Chip Spice can be bought either from most shops in Hull and the East Riding or if like me you don’t live in those area’s then you can order online from . Prices range from £3.99 for 1 tub including 2nd class postage up to £21.99 for 12 tubs, so the more you buy the more you save. Packages come in 1’s, 3’s, 6’s, 9’s and boxes of 12. You can currently get 10% off at checkout if you use the discount code: THANKSPICE

Picture courtesy of

Discount code found via their twitter page: @ChipSpiceDotCom

Syn Free on all plans

Sometimes you want something for tea that is quick and easy, affordable and that tastes good without being high in syns. Most ready meals are high in syns which makes quick meals a bit difficult but never fear for Iceland are on hand.

Iceland currently have Tendercooked Braised Steak in Rich Onion Gravy in 350g packs for £2. The packs are the perfect portion for 1 person. Taking only 9 minutes in the microwave or 35 minutes in the oven they are so convenient.Even better is the fact they are syn free!!

When I first bought this I was a little bit sceptical that there would be hardly any meat in it or the meat would be small and bitty. I was wrong. You get a nice sized, thick, tender steak with plenty of gravy. The gravy is lovely and thick and rather rich.

I have no complaints what so ever about this product and highly recommend it. Its perfect for a quick tea with mash potato or some low syn yorkshire puddings.  I give it a 9/10.



Photo courtesy of Iceland.

Tendercooked Braised Steak in a Rich Onion Gravy 350g £2

Extra Easy: Free  Original : Free