Today I took a big step, without telling anybody what I was planning, I got up and set off for town to my old Slimming World group. I hadn’t really been since October, other than the odd 2 or 3 visits and I was letting myself go. I kept telling myself, I will start again next week, I will do it from home. Truth is I just kept putting it off and I couldn’t do it alone, but I was too ashamed to admit I’d let myself beat me. Sad smile 


Well today I re-joined. I stood on the scales and watched as it flashed up “20 stone 0.5lb” I’ve gained 1stone 6lb in total. My clothes still fit the same but I could tell in myself that I had put weight on. Not only was my fitness suffering but my mood was too and I have spent many a day in the last few weeks tearful and on edge.


So that is it. I am back on track, back on slimming world. I am hoping to lose 4lb next week. That will take me back to having lost 6 stone exactly.


The group I attend is fantastic and I need them for more than just the weight loss support. So many of them have become friends. Friends that I have missed.